Old School Abyssal Weapons

  In the recent developer blog for the summer slayer expansion we mentioned two new weapons that will be dropped by the abyssal sire: the abyssal bludgeon and abyssal dagger. While the general idea of these weapons has gone down very well, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the special attack. Last Friday we […]

Panesterra War Efforts Renewed

Panesterra is Beritra’s final assault into Atreia and it is up to Daevas to put an end to Beritra’s development of dimensional teleportation technology. With any contested area, the rivalry between Asmodian and Elyos grows stronger. During these chaotic times, additional supplies are being delivered to those who step up to the challenge Panesterra presents. […]

The Ghostly Ghastly Charger

Ghastly ChargerThe Ghostly Charger Loot Card is redeemable for a Ghastly Charger’s Skull, which teaches the use of a Ghastly Charger mount. The Ghastly Charger is a skeletal spectral horse, which scales to your highest level of trained riding skill – including Master Riding. Yes, the Ghastly Charger is a flying mount! The Ghastly Charger […]

Acquire FIFA 2014 Coins and Win

  FIFA Coins could be the most current version on the FIFA video games series from Electronic Arts. The game has been released for PlayStation 3, Wii, PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 on September 24, 2013 in North America. It is also released on September 27 in other regions for Xbox A single, PlayStation Vita, […]