Offering up to $ 7, 000 birds FIG BOME

The blinding pain ebbed. Iskar’s vision slowly returned, taking in the scant light that filled the room. A single solar orb, blazing like a miniature glass sun, hung from the top of the windowless chamber. It was one of many out-of-the-way places in Skyreach’s Grand Spire, where the academies, ritual chambers, and disciplining rooms of […]

Terrain setup program generated for Camelot bold move

Four bladetalons, elite warriors of the Adherents, crashed through the canopy. They carried a wingblade in each hand, a crescent-shaped weapon embossed with gold filigree. City State Entertainment today announced that they will participate in this weekend Long Con event to showcase the innovative terrain system program generates Camelot bold – this is a recent […]

Guild Wars 2 target system overhaul WVW GUILD

Society will have a lot of work to do in the world and the world of experience, Guild Wars 2: Heart of thorns start next month. ArenaNet has released a new development log, indicating that the team has adjusted the system to the players association claimed that the organization more strategic choice. By claiming that […]

Can Star Citizen Live Up to the Hype?

Few online games have reached the level of hype that Star Citizen has. In a way, it’s almost a trip back in time when mmo games were normally hyped to a fever pitch. This was especially true when every new game coming out was always described to be the one that would topple World of […]

Why We Still Love Dungeons and Dragons Online

It’s amazing to me to think that Dungeons and Dragons Online launched over nine years ago. While the mmorpg never reached the heights of games like World of Warcraft (which few ever has), it has stood the test of time and is still putting out new content. Their latest update, Reign of Elemental Evil, has […]